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Tragic Gainesville Accident Kills Three

A tragic accident happened last Friday, leaving three people dead and six more injured. The four vehicle accident happened in Gainesville on Georgia Highway 365. The collision left two cars pinned underneath a tractor-trailer.

According to reports, the accident happened at around 1 in the morning Friday, and involved four vehicles. These included a Ford Escape, a pick-up truck, a Jeep, and a tractor-trailer.

Police stated that based upon their initial investigation, they believe that the cause of the accident may have been when a pick up truck turned left into the path of a tractor-trailer heading northbound. Sadly, the driver and passenger of the pick up were killed, and another individual died as a result of the chain reaction accidents.

The northbound lanes of Highway 365 near the accident site remained closed to traffic for almost nine hours. The main task in clearing the roadway was righting the overturned tractor-trailer, which entailed unloading part of its frozen chicken product cargo.

The area where the crash occurred is apparently a busy intersection, with several residents reporting that a traffic signal was installed recently.

While the reported facts are limited in this case, it seems that the cause of the accident, and the resulting chain reaction accidents, was the pick up turning left without sufficient time for it to make the turn, or for the tractor-trailer to stop. Large trucks cause extensive damage due to their immense size and inability to stop in the case of  sudden changes in the roadway, such as in this case.

A common type of lawsuit in car accidents, such as this one, is brought under a theory of negligence. By definition, this means that the plaintiff (person bringing the suit) must show that the person who caused the accident was driving his or her car in a way that was not in accordance with what a reasonably prudent person would do. Common examples of driving in this manner include when drivers speed excessively, drive aggressively, engage in distracted driving, fail to observe relevant traffic laws or right of way, etc. A successful claim also requires a showing that it was this negligent behavior which actually caused the accident, and subsequent injury or other damages to occur.

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