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Pedestrian Believed to be Reason for 7 Car Collision on I-75 Outside Atlanta

According to Georgia state authorities, six of the seven drivers involved in the early morning pile-up outside Atlanta last Friday, were charged with driving under the influence.

A spokesperson for the Clayton County Police department released a statement to one newspaper, regarding the cause of the seven car collision. Authorities believe that the initial cause of the crash was a pedestrian walking onto Interstate 75. The pedestrian was reportedly taken for treatment to a nearby hospital  in critical condition.

At around 3 in the morning following the Fourth of July holiday, the first car accident occurred when a car struck the pedestrian, leading to a chain reaction that ended up involving a total of seven vehicles.  According to police, six of the drivers in the accident have since been charged with drunk driving. Five of those drivers were reportedly taken to jail, and the sixth was taken to the hospital for treatment. The pedestrian was subsequently charged with pedestrian in the road way.

The accident continues to be under investigation. It remains unknown why the pedestrian was in the roadway.

This accident is illustrative of two distinct principles. First, the pedestrian’s unlawful presence on the highway is an example of a potentially actionable negligence claim. The fact that it is unlawful to be in the roadway is effectively evidence of its dangerousness, for precisely the damages it allegedly caused. Therefore, the drivers involved in the collision could potentially bring a claim against that individual.

Secondarily, it is incredibly curious that six of the seven drivers were all charged with drunk driving. It begs the question of whether the drivers would have avoided the collision had they not been driving under the influence. Additionally, had the accident not occurred, would they have been involved in distinct collisions? Aside from those hypotheticals, clearly operating a motor vehicle under the influence is not only incredibly dangerous, but is also unlawful. Individuals who are involved in an accident with drivers under the influence have the very strong potential for a successful negligence claim. A successful case could mean recovery not only for damage to the car, but also for any resulting medical treatment, injuries, and lost wages at work. An experienced Atlanta car accident attorney can fully inform you regarding your rights following a car collision, and can recommend how best to proceed.

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