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I-75 Accident Leads to Serious Injury of 5 Passengers Ejected From Vehicle

Henry County police reported extensive injuries and one death following a major accident on Interstate 75 earlier this month.

Among the victims, a 14 year old girl was killed and five additional members of her family, which included two infants, were injured.

According to a police spokesperson, the accident occurred slightly before noon, when a Ford Expedition lost control, causing it to strike the center guardrail, and then spun back into traffic hitting at least one other vehicle. Five of its seven passengers were then ejected from the vehicle. Authorities reported that their preliminary investigation revealed that the individuals were not properly restrained. The young girl was announced dead at the scene.

Of those ejected, a four year old girl suffered multiple fractures. Twin two month old children suffered severe head injuries. According to police the children are receiving treatment at the local children’s hospital for treatment.

The other passengers included a 16 year old girl being treated for serious injuries, and a 30 year old female passenger being treated for non life-threatening injuries.

The 19 year old female driver was reportedly not injured. The crash remains under investigation, but police believe that speed and weather played a role. Investigators reported that the driver was related to all of the injured passengers. According to authorities, charges are pending against the driver.

While the exact details surrounding the accident remain unreported, one of the distinguishing features of this accident is the readily apparent potential negligence claims. For example, the fact that two month old infants and a four year old girl were ejected from the vehicle suggests that there may be legally negligent behavior surrounding the manner in which they were improperly restrained.

In Georgia, automobile accidents are the leading cause of death and injuries for children ages one to 12 years.  In 2009 alone,  1,314 children were killed and 179,000 were injured across the country. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), four out of every 10 children under six who die or are seriously injured in auto accidents were unrestrained or improperly restrained. Georgia Law requires that children sit in the back seat of a vehicle, and further requires a car seat or booster seat suitable for height and age for all children under the age of eight. Therefore, the improper use of car seats, or other required restraints for these young children could potentially provide the basis for a negligence claim against the driver for the injuries they suffered. Additionally, the manner in which the driver was operating the vehicle in general could provide the basis for a claim. Factors considered in negligence cases include the speed at which the driver was traveling, considering the relevant traffic and weather conditions, and cause for the loss of control, among others.

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