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Widow sues police department for husband’s wrongful death

Domestic violence calls are often deadly. This one was no exception.

This story began when the wife of the deceased called the local police station to report domestic violence. The officer dispatched to the scene was greeted on his arrival by a knife wielding man. In fear of his life, the officer fired his service revolver. That is what the incident report reflected. What eyewitnesses stated apparently was something altogether different.

The 44-year-old man’s family contacted a personal injury lawyer in regard to filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The attorney handling the case indicated there were many discrepancies in statements and in order to get a much clearer picture of what went on that fatal night, they would be doing an in depth investigation. It is speculated that the man’s death was avoidable.

The officer was placed on administrative leave and the department issued a statement indicating they believed he saved the life of the woman that called for help, and the life of her son. Some initial evidence indicated that there was a restraining order against the man, filed by his wife, which would possibly lend credence to the statement that the man came running out the door towards the officer, brandishing a knife.

Despite the facts of this case, this may still be considered a wrongful death, and the wife and son have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. These types of legal actions are not launched to get revenge, but are more about trying to ensure the same thing does not happen to another family in the future. They are also about seeking compensation to be able to move forward with their lives. They lost their main breadwinner and without some form of assistance to keep their lives on track, they would be in dire straits.

If you have been involved in a similar situation, seek compassionate and knowledgeable legal advice from an Atlanta personal injury attorney.

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