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Biker killed in accident with senior

Motorcycles are often involved in accidents with passenger vehicles. This case is no exception to the rule that drivers do not see bikers.

Minor bike/car accidents are exceedingly rare, largely because being on a motorcycle means being exposed to everything coming at you. If you are ejected, there is no such thing as a soft landing. If you are hit, there is no such thing as a minor injury.

Most injuries resulting from a collision between a biker and passenger vehicle result in life threatening, life-altering injuries or death. For this reason, if you survive an accident like this, you will need an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to get you the maximum compensation possible. There is no other way to pay for your medical expenses. If you do not live to walk away from the accident and make a recovery, an Atlanta injury lawyer will work with your family to recover fair and full compensation, by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

It’s a well known adage amongst bikers that passenger vehicles just do not see bikers and their rides. In fact, it is such common knowledge that bikers started decaling their rides with stickers that encouraged others to start “seeing” motorcycles. It may or may not work to raise awareness among drivers, as frankly, bikes are difficult, but not impossible to see, if the driver is paying attention.

Consider the case involving a 27-year-old biker and an 85-year-old driver. The driver said he did not see the biker before he hit him. He might not have seen him, as he was driving westbound in an eastbound lane and was trying to figure out how to get back where he should be. The young biker ran into his passenger car door when the man made an unexpected turn.

The biker died, and the police charged the man with reckless endangerment, driving on the wrong side of the road, making an improper right turn, a turn signal violation, involuntary manslaughter and vehicular homicide. Age aside as being the likely cause for this accident, this is a common problem for bikers. Drivers just do not pay enough attention to the road to notice them. This makes them a moving target; wide open to get involved in various kinds of wrecks.
If you have been in a motorcycle accident and face a long road to recovery, talk to an experienced injury lawyer. They will help you obtain compensation for rehabilitation therapy, medical expenses, medications, bills not covered by insurance, lost wages, funds for future care, compensation for personal assistance (if required) and for pain and suffering. Never assume the insurance company will help you. Speak to an attorney first.

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