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When It Blows It May Be Deadly

The last thing people seem to pay any attention to is their tires, which is inexplicable since the tires are the very thing that gets them from point A to point B. Much like the old saying “No foot, no horse,” it is a fact that without proper tires the risk of a fatal accident is extremely high.

In general, all types of vehicles use tires of one sort or another, and really, anyone is vulnerable to tire problems from time to time. However, big rigs (those large semi tractor-trailers) have more than their fair share of tire blowouts simply due to the enormous amount of weight they haul. Usually, if they’re going to experience a tire problem, it will be with a blowout or tire tread separation.

It’s not only heavy-duty wear and tear that causes tires to go bad. Blemished tires are often the culprits. In fact, unsound tires have been the cause of some really serious personal injury accidents and deaths. What usually happens is the driver experiences a sudden and unexpected blowout, skewing the car sideways and ripping the wheel out of their hands.

Rear tire blowouts are particularly difficult when the vehicle is travelling at highway speed. The loss of control usually means the rear of the vehicle swings around and winds up being perpendicular to the direction of travel. Unfortunately, due to a design flaw – a high center of gravity – found in light trucks, SUV’s and vans, the end result is a roll over.

It’s common knowledge that there have been numerous defective tire recalls over the past few years. This has not solved the safety problem, as these tires continue to cause fatalities and serious injury accidents. Be aware that the tread on your vehicle is on its way out when small cracks develop on the side of the tire (by the serial number).

This failure is directly due a design and manufacturing defect. The small cracks, hard to see with the naked eye, turn into larger ones that develop in the tire’s belts, causing premature fatigue and tread failure.

Interestingly, even though there were tire replacement/reimbursement programs offered by some of the larger tire manufacturers, there was a push by consumer safety groups to have the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration find out if these programs are truly effective or just a band-aid approach to a serious problem.

Despite the fact that tire manufacturers are legally responsible to let consumers know about a defective product, they still continue to make and sell flawed tires. The whole point of letting people know about a bad product is to prevent accidents. If the manufacturers keep making bad products, nothing is accomplished to save lives.

If you have been in an accident and feel that the cause of your mishap was subnormal tires, be sure to contact a defective product lawyer as soon as you can. Discuss the facts of your case with him or her and find out if there is enough evidence to proceed with a court case.

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