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Deadly Jackknife Action

Cars and big rigs just don’t mix all that well on the highways. Poor weather and road conditions added into the high speeds on the road also create situations where a big rig may jackknife.

Jackknife situations can have several outcomes, many of them resulting in injury to the driver, the rig and to other people who happened to be near the truck when things went awry. In situations like this it is very difficult to find out who is responsible for the accident. This is why anyone involved in a scenario like this needs to contact an experienced big rig attorney, like Georgia super lawyer, Stephen Ozcomert of Atlanta.

“A jackknife means the back end of the rig whips around towards the truck cab, and the driver has no control over it. It becomes a huge steel projectile traveling down the road at highway speeds,” explained Ozcomert. This means that anything in its path, from trees to guardrails and ramps to other vehicles, has the potential to suffer serious damages.

While this may not happen every day, it does happen often enough that there are many lawyers who specialize in this area of law. “This kind of an accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and there isn’t much time to get out of the way,” said Ozcomert. Add to this mix an overloaded truck whose driver is over-tired and you have a recipe for disaster.

This is particularly the case when the big rigs are travelling at highway speeds.

In most instances weather may be cited as the cause of a jackknife, but there are other reasons such as inattention, talking on a cell phone, overly aggressive driving to make a deadline, and improper maintenance of the rig or its tires. “It’s the little things that all add up to make an accident looking for a place to happen,” outlined Ozcomert.

With so many things that can and do go wrong resulting in a serious or deadly outcome, it only makes sense to deal with an experienced big rig attorney, like Georgia super lawyer, Stephen Ozcomert of Atlanta. “I go to work right away to collect the evidence needed to make a court case. Time is of the essence in cases like this,” added Ozcomert.

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