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Well Worker Dies of Hydrocarbon Poisoning

Accidents on the job often severely injure or kill. In this case, an oil well worker died at the age of 21.

It was a normal day of getting up and going to work for the oil company, and a 21-year-old worker was looking forward to day’s end when he could pursue what he loved best, working with horses. However, something went wrong that day, and he did not make it home. His mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit on his behalf.

Apparently a co-worker found the man on a catwalk on an oil storage tank, unresponsive. The tank cover was open. Certain wells in the oil field where the man worked were known for producing high levels of hydrogen sulfide and other noxious, toxic gases. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that the company the man worked for was negligent about its inspections and maintenance of their oil wells, equipment and the tank where the young man was found dead.

The company indicated their analysis of the location did not suggest any equipment malfunctions or pinpoint any other abnormalities that may have resulted in the man’s death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspector also found no violations of federal safety standards. This is not to say that the company may not have been negligent in properly outfitting their personnel with the right kind of safety equipment for working around toxic and deadly gases and/or that safety equipment malfunctioned, causing the man’s unexpected and sudden death.

The state medical examiner determined that the man died as a result of hydrocarbon poisoning, which affects the heart. If worker’s compensation is involved in a death, each state has different rules and regulations. If you do not know what happens in the state where you live, find out by asking an Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

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