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Hurt In Georgia? Hope for a Level 1 Trauma Center Nearby

If you’re ever involved in a critical injury accident in Georgia, hope that it happens close to a Level 1 Trauma Center. It may save your life.

It’s a fact of life that people get into car, truck and motorcycle accidents all over the state of Georgia. The lucky victims are close to a Level 1 Trauma Center, and if they make it there in enough time, one of those centers will save their life. Georgia is fortunate enough to boast five of these centers, put to good use by accident victims with severe trauma injuries.

Level 1 trauma care handles all kinds of severe injury accident trauma, whether it is the result of an accident or another mishap such as head trauma from a fall, electrocution and so forth. Hospitals covet this title, as it is the highest trauma center rating they may attain. Basically, the facility needs to prove it staffs the ER and trauma operating room 24/7/365 with a full team of medical personnel who have a wide variety of specialties.

Additionally, they must have only the best in equipment and resources to take care of catastrophic injuries and must make caring for those victims their number one priority throughout the year. Those badly injured in a car wreck stand an even higher chance of survival by making it to a Level 1 Trauma Center, a 25 percent greater chance of living.

While many people may complain about the way their tax dollars are spent, if they ever need the care offered by these specialized facilities, they will see where their money is going. Their lives may depend on the people and resources they have helped to fund. There are two Level 1 Trauma Centers in Atlanta, one in Macon, one in Augusta and one in Savannah.

If you have been badly injured in an accident and land in one of these trauma centers, your life is in good hands. Your journey back to wellness does not stop there. Make a phone call to an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer and discuss your case. You need to know what rights you have, how to pursue them and what to expect if your case should go to settlement or court. Most accidents involve negligence, and if you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, you are often entitled to damages.

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