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The High Cost of Auto Crashes

Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death in the United States. This is a dismal observation when one considers the number of rules of the road and regulations that have been put into place in an attempt to reduce the number of traffic deaths. Nonetheless, accidents continue to happen and families continue to face the death of a loved one.

It’s thoroughly frightening to realize that each year over 40,000 people will die on the roads. That would work out to about 115 fatalities a day. Think about those numbers and then think about the high cost of auto crashes both in terms of lost lives and in damages.

Auto accidents, on average, cost Americans over $150 billion each and every year. Think of how that kind of money could be put to good use in the economy instead of cleaning up after accidents.

The end results of auto crashes are devastating to those left behind as well as those who have been seriously injured and are facing a lifetime of rehabilitation. No one knows this better than Georgia Super Lawyer, Stephen Ozcomert of Atlanta, Georgia. A highly regarded personal injury lawyer, Ozcomert has many years of experience dealing with car crash victims. “An accident isn’t ‘just’ an accident, it has many other ramifications and consequences,” stated Ozcomert.

“The chances are that everyone will be involved in at least one accident in their lives. They should know their rights, and we work to ensure they get justice,” added Ozcomert. Justice isn’t the only thing that Ozcomert works for. He makes it a point to educate his clients in the process they are facing when they have a court case. Noted for being highly detail oriented, Ozcomert is a hands-on kind of lawyer who gets totally involved in his cases.

Ozcomert knows how to assess medical situations in a split second and bases his advice on what he knows the courts are willing to award in certain instances. Those involved in a serious crash with life-altering disabilities are usually eligible for damages for things such as lost wages, medical bills, the cost of rehabilitation and loss of consortium among other things.

“We also deal with the insurance companies who are trying to get our clients to settle for less than they would be entitled to in a court of law. This is another reason why those involved in a car crash need to speak to a competent attorney,” explained Ozcomert, of Ozcomert Law in Atlanta, Georgia.

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