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The Do No Harm Ethic

One of the first things a doctor learns when they go to medical school is their guiding ethic, “Do no harm.” When it comes to medical malpractice it is hard to understand how that ethic was violated.

It’s a given that in our health system the patients expect their doctor has certain obligations to them. They expect good service, good care and that the doctor knows what they are doing and will not harm them in any way. Unfortunately when a patient happens to fall victim to medical malpractice (med mal), those same patients who viewed their doctor as a hero may now take action to file a med mal lawsuit.

When patients have experienced a medical injury and feel that it is related to something that their doctor did or did not do, this is the time to immediately contact an experienced med mal lawyer like Georgia super lawyer, Stephen Ozcomert in Atlanta. Ozcomert knows his stuff and one of the first things he asks his clients is if they were given the wrong medication or an incorrect dose.

“I also ask if they received their treatment in a timely manner or they feel their problems are the result of being misdiagnosed,” said Ozcomert. It’s not just adult patients that may be eligible to file a med mal lawsuit. There may be a good case for med mal if a child sustains an injury during the labor and delivery process and it happened because of negligence.

“Negligence is difficult to prove and this is why I need access to complete medical records and all documentation related to a patient’s potential case,” stated Ozcomert. Ozcomert will assess the information provided and make a decision if there is enough there to proceed with a med mal lawsuit. “Don’t just assume it was an honest mistake if you wind up with injuries that alter your life. Honest mistakes in medicine are still classified as medical malpractice,” he said.

If you aren’t sure what the circumstances of a particular injury may be, or if there was negligence or malpractice, make a beeline to see an experienced med mal attorney such as Stephen Ozcomert of Atlanta, Georgia. “I will be more than happy to sit down with anyone who feels they have been the victim of medical malpractice and assess their case,” he indicated.

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