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A man was fatally shot to death by a state trooper during a chase.

In March of 2010, a 24-year-old father of three became involved in a high speed chase with police, and the pursuit took to a nearby highway. The man was being pursued in relation to a misdemeanor probation warrant, and the two troopers in pursuit called for backup, spikes and a road block along the route the man was fleeing.

While one trooper was chasing the man’s Pontiac Grand Am, the second trooper positioned himself on an overpass under which the fleeing man would pass. The trooper asked his commanding officer if he had permission to open fire on the car. According to the police records of this event, the commanding officer ordered the trooper on the overpass with a rifle to stand down. He felt there was no point in using a weapon to stop the man, as he was heading for spikes and a road block.

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