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Being involved in an accident with a big rig can happen on any major road.

We read about motorists being involved in an accident with a semi tractor trailer, or some other large commercial trucking unit, but rarely do we put that one incident into perspective. Across the nation, there are over 500,000 people that tangle with big rigs every year. The outcome is never good and those that survive typically have catastrophic injuries that affect the rest of their lives. It is rare that someone walks away from a big rig wreck unharmed.

What causes so many accidents with 18-wheelers? There are a number of common causes, and some of them may shock you. The number one reason that truckers get involved in an accident is drug use. Recent figures indicate that roughly 26 percent of truckers in an accident are taking prescription or street drugs. It goes without saying that if someone is driving under the influence of drugs, it can impair their thinking, judgment and reaction time.

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