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Product Liability Laws Protect Consumers

Americans are famous for shopping until they drop and buying the very latest fad, product or technical gadget on the market. “Not many shoppers realize they may be a victim of a defective or dangerous product,” said 2009 Georgia Super Lawyer, Stephen M. Ozcomert, P.C. of Atlanta, Georgia.

Defective or dangerous product accidents are far more common that we would like to think, which likely isn’t too surprising considering the way many of them are made these days. It reminds one of the old saying, “They sure don’t make things like they used to make them.” And indeed, manufacturers do not make products to the same standards of care that they once used to pride themselves on. More to the point, many of the products Americans buy today are not even made in the United States.

This may come as a shock to many consumers, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission actually gets hit with over 10,000 complaints (representing roughly 29 million injuries) every year, regarding defective products. “That is a staggering number and does not include the deaths directly caused by defective or dangerous products, a number that hovers just a bit over 22,000,” indicated Ozcomert.

There are a variety of federal organizations, etc. whose mandate is to regulate product liability. The most well known one is most likely the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Others include the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. Knowing which agency is responsible for protecting what is sometimes more about smoke and mirrors, and reporting a dangerous or defective product isn’t always that easy.

It should be noted that product liability law is not the usual run of the mill personal injury case; a good thing when it comes to recovering damages. “In many of these cases, manufacturers have launched a product into the marketplace without adequate testing,” commented Ozcomert. Without the right kind of testing, a consumer takes his or her life into their hands, not knowing how the product may act. For instance, defective baby equipment that collapses, breaks or is toxic; or defective vehicle products such as improperly installed airbags.

Don’t wait to contact a defective or dangerous product liability attorney to discuss a potential case. “If a manufacturer is found responsible for the defective or dangerous product, the courts may award compensation,” said 2009 Georgia Super Lawyer, Stephen M. Ozcomert, P.C. of Atlanta, Georgia.

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