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Deadly Botox – More Than Just a Cosmetic Boost

It’s a stunning and frightening fact that Botox use for cosmetic surgery may result in serious consequences, including death. If you have been the victim of Botox side effects, you need to speak with an experienced dangerous drug attorney.

Botox first hit the market 30 years ago when the eye care company Allergan boasted about its rejuvenating properties. Of course many of you will recall that Botox was derived from botulinum toxin A. This was once injected into eye muscles of people with crossed eyes. The science behind these injections was that the botulinum created a protein that would override muscle spasms and block nerve impulses that relaxed muscles on a temporary basis.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a liking to what it could do and gave it approval in 1978, however their original idea was to only use it for clinical applications. Turns out once plastic surgeons discovered its uses in cosmetic surgery, the Botox market took off exponentially. Due to the pressure of people demanding the Botox miracle, the FDA finally approved it for use in cosmetic surgery for getting rid of the fine lines between the eyes and around the mouth.

People were in wrinkle free heaven when they heard about this latest way to stay younger looking for longer periods of time. Botox cosmetic injections were an instant success and consumers were excited to think it had a low side effect ratio. Then the joy ride came to an abrupt halt when adverse incident reports were filed with the FDA.

Many of the reports focused on ‘off label’ uses not approved by the FDA and most frightening of all was the discovery that it migrated to other locations in the body and could be aspirated and cause pneumonia. Botox lawsuits started to surface all across the nation. Many lawyers with extensive experience in dangerous drug litigation got to see firsthand the side effects of Botox gone wrong, and they weren’t pretty.

Over the years since the drug was first approved for use in cosmetic applications the occurrences of deadly side effects has risen dramatically. So much so that the FDA insisted that Allergan add a black box warning informing consumers of the risks of using Botox, including death. Nice idea, but it was never done. This is one of the facts that is referred to in dangerous drug litigation, that the company failed to adequately warn users of the known risks of this drug.

Botox litigation stories littered the media with more and more horror stories and accused the drug company of misleading the public. There were even references to clinical trials that were minimized despite the fact that 50% of the people involved suffered a bad reaction to Botox.

Botox is still in use and the product risks are still present. Be very aware of what you are doing if you choose to submit to Botox injections. In cases that have gone to court across the U.S. there have been instances of long-term muscle paralysis, suffocation, Bell’s Palsy, and permanent cornea damage.

If you feel you have been a victim of Botox injections, do the smart thing and contact a highly qualified dangerous drug attorney. Get your case assessed and find out how justice may be served in your case. Don’t wait until you are sure you are dealing with a Botox side effect, as there is a statute of limitations in every state.

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