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Nursing Home Abuse Leads to Death and a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The nursing home in this case had a long history of providing poor treatment to its residents. The outcome was the death of patient.

The family in this case chose to file a wrongful death lawsuit to set the record straight and to try and improve things for others at the nursing home where their relative died. Shockingly, the nursing home in question had an established track record of being on a federal watch list as a special focus facility. This was not for good reasons. It was because it had an awful record and needed to be watched carefully. Unfortunately, that did not help the victim in this story.

The elderly gentleman in this nursing home developed bedsores and a variety of other skin conditions that led to necrotic tissue, breathing difficulties, osteomyelitis and ulcers. Any one of these medical conditions on their own would have been bad enough, but cumulatively, they caused the man’s death. This should not have happened, as these conditions are highly preventable with proper care. Rather than getting that care, the man got substandard and lackluster nursing from staff that led to his demise.

The man’s wife filed a wrongful death lawsuit and ultimately named not just the nursing home staff and management, but the owners of the facility, who turned a blind eye to what was happening there and did nothing to stop the rampant abuse. The really sad part about this story is that there are more nursing homes just like this one across the country. One may even be just down the road from where you live. One of them may even be where your loved one is currently living.

Do you know what is going on in the nursing home where your family member is living? If you do not know, it is time you made it your business to find out what is going on there, before it may be too late and you are dealing with the death of your relative. There is no way that our seniors should be allowed to live in conditions like that because those tasked with their care fail to keep them safe.

If you have suspicions about what is going on in a local nursing home, or you have lost a loved family member due to neglect and abuse, speak to a compassionate and skilled Atlanta injury lawyer. If you want justice for the suffering of your loved one, an Atlanta injury lawyer will guide you through the process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

While many lawsuits such as this tend to take time to make their way through the courts, if the suit acts as a comeuppance to the owners and staff at the nursing home and helps others still residing there, you have accomplished something to be proud of in memory of your lost family member.

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