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Driving Without Due Care and Attention Kills Biker

A biker is killed, thanks to the inattention of another driver. He never stood a chance.

Bikers face the very real consideration that every time they go out for a ride, they may never come home. There are too many things that can happen out on the road; things that may be fatal. That’s what happened in this case.

The police report indicated that a black Nissan Versa 4-door sedan was heading south on the highway in the second lane from the left in an area where there were four southbound lanes. In the next lane, which would be lane number three, there was a Kawasaki motorcycle. This means that the biker was in the lane to the right of the Nissan and therefore just about parallel to the car’s passenger door.

Suddenly, the Nissan went to change lanes and hit the biker on the left side. The impact sent the bike, and the 48-year-old rider, straight into an exit ramp area, where the bike slammed into an interchange exit sign. There were motorcycle parts and debris all over the road when the first responders arrived. While the biker was alive at the time, he died later in hospital; a victim of his injuries.

In the Nissan driver’s favor, he stayed at the scene of the accident and the police feel there were no drugs or alcohol involved. This is not to say that there may not have been something else that caused the 61-year-old driver to veer into the biker; for instance, driving while distracted or a mechanical failure involving the steering wheel or tires.

What caused the accident will certainly be under investigation, until the police get a good sense of what happened that deadly day. In the meantime, the biker’s family will likely want to talk to a personal injury lawyer about filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

If this accident had happened in Georgia, the family would most likely speak to a seasoned Atlanta personal injury lawyer; someone with significant experience dealing with motorcycle accidents. They know all about drivers who claim they did not see the victim. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer also has the skills and knowledge to garner the required evidence and deal with the insurance companies.

When it comes to wrongful death actions, the lawyer will guide the family through the process with sensitivity and explain to them what they can expect when their case does go to court. These lawsuits are never easy, but if the family has any hope of moving forward, they may need financial compensation to do so.

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