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Motorcycle Riders Are Virtually Invisible To Others On The Road

Reading the accident statistics involving motorcycles is depressing. Most often, bikers are killed because no one sees them.

It is hard to be invisible on the road when you are in a car, but being invisible on the road when you are on a motorcycle is all too common. The most often repeated phrase when the police arrive at a bike wreck is the driver of the car repeating over and over: “I just didn’t see him.”

Kind of makes you want to think twice about being a biker, doesn’t it? Along with the risks of being creamed by another vehicle, there is virtually zero rider protection. The physical injuries sustained in motorcycle crashes are legion, usually ugly and often life-altering or terminal. Many Atlanta personal injury lawyers see some horrific crashes in their practices. A motorcycle versus car wreck and happen any time, any place and the results aren’t going to be good.

Take the cases of two Florida residents who were involved in motorcycle crashes three hours apart; one 58-year-old rider died and the other 47-year-old female biker sustained serious injuries. The man died after he was hit by a Nissan, driven by a senior. The driver didn’t see him and turned right in front of him. Since he had nowhere else to go, he slammed into driver’s door. He died at the hospital.

In the second case, the female biker collided with a Toyota. The setting sun blinded the car driver, and she said she didn’t see the biker. The biker was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. In both cases, the police will be charging both drivers with violation of right-of-way.

As you can see, there were different outcomes in each case, but the common factor was that neither driver saw or heard the motorcycle. If you or someone you know has been in a serious motorcycle accident like the two mentioned above, you will want to discuss your case with a skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyer. If you want compensation for your injuries or compensation for a wrongful death, the best route is to hire legal help; help that will win you fair and equitable compensation.

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