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Auto Injury Compensation Greater The Longer The Damage Lasts

The worse your injuries are from a car wreck, the greater your compensation happens to be. There’s a cause and effect connection involved.

No matter what way you look at it, if you are injured in a car wreck, and the injuries are severe, this is not good. One thing to remember though is that medically and legally speaking, there are various degrees of suffering. While it may sound cold to base compensation of the severity of the injury, it’s about the only way that makes sense when money is handed out to the victim.

In other words, in accident cases, if the injuries are severe, the amount of money a plaintiff may receive is higher to cover that severity. This is sometimes a difficult concept to grasp. If you are dealing with a severe injury case, have your Atlanta personal injury lawyer explain how damage awards are calculated.

You have to remember that it’s not just that the injuries are bad, but that the recovery process for those injuries is exceedingly long, painful, debilitating, depressing, daunting and may also be permanent; a definite monkey wrench in the fabric of what used to be a normal life. The important thing to note here is that how long the injury lasts is also a factor taken into consideration when accident compensation is calculated.

For example, if a victim is confined to a bed for months on end and can’t work, those lost wages play a part in the final award calculations. Or if someone’s injuries are so severe they will never work again or have a normal life, this too is factored into the final award. When bad things happen to good people as the result of the negligence of someone else, this is an injustice that needs to be dealt with, and it’s dealt with by fair and equitable compensation. It’s dealt with by hiring an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to represent you in court.

For those accident victims that will spend the rest of their lives being cared for by someone else, their needs right now must be met, but their needs for future also need to be met. As you can imagine, those with around the clock care will have higher damage awards in order to allow them to pay for the care they need. These are some of the reasons you will see very high awards – usually in the millions – in the papers or hear about them on the radio or TV.

Claimants usually receive their compensation in one of two ways: a lump sum payment placed in trust, or enforced yearly payments made by the liable party. Generally speaking, the yearly payment route is taken if there is the possibility of unanticipated costs or if it’s just about impossible to settle on a figure that will care for the person for the rest of their life. All these details are things that need to be discussed with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer if you find yourself in a situation like this.

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