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Insurance Companies and Motorcycle Accidents Don’t Mix

Car to motorbike collisions usually leave at least one person seriously injured or dead, but the insurance company wants to minimize its payout.

If a biker happens to survive a motorcycle crash they may find out that they have been crippled for life. Perhaps the collision was not the biker’s fault and he or she feels everything will be fine because it is covered by the insurance company. It’s a good thing the premiums were paid regularly every year, there were no claims, and the coverage was second to none.

With all these things on the side of the motorcycle rider, they would have every right to expect fair and prompt compensation from the insurance company. While the biker may “expect” that would be the case, it often isn’t what happens. Many motorcycle accident attorneys know that the insurance company is not a friend to anyone; and definitely not friendly if there is a severe injury that may require years of treatment and millions of dollars.

No, suddenly the benevolent insurance agent is hard to negotiate with, isn’t interested in giving the claimant any respect, and may also be combative about the claim being submitted. Why the change in attitude? Insurance companies are in business to make money and they don’t appreciate having to pay out on claims, even though that is what the coverage is for and what they are in business to do in the first place.

It doesn’t matter what the biker’s driving record says, how careful they have been or the fact they went 20 years or more without one claim or accident. The minute there is an accident, the insurance adjuster turns into Mr. Hyde. At this point, it’s time to hire a skilled motorcycle accident attorney to handle the insurance company. Insurance companies don’t like it when lawyers get involved in the picture, as they know they run the risk of having the case wind up in court.

If a case does wind up in court, chances are that the insurance company may have to pay out even more than they wanted to in the first place. The value of having an experienced motorcycle attorney doing the negotiations far outweighs any concerns about the fees paid later.
Given the fact that many of the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are debilitating, having a skilled motorcycle attorney handling the case will ensure the compensation matches the devastating injuries.

Most motorcycle attorneys will also advise their clients not to speak to insurance adjusters without consulting with the attorney first. There are too many things that may go wrong when dealing with an adjuster, not the least of which is them trying to minimize severe injuries in the hopes of paying out less money.

Remember that the injuries sustained in a crash may last a lifetime and that therapy and rehabilitation will be an ongoing process; and an expensive one. This is where a good motorcycle attorney is worth their weight in gold.

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