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Big Rig Accidents Present Legal Challenges

Any collision with a big rig causes untold damages, usually severe injuries or death, and many legal challenges.

Any case involving a semi is typically very complex, much more complex than a “typical” car versus car accident. For starters, the kinds of injuries sustained are catastrophic and the damages are monumental. This means when all is said and done that the stakes in 18-wheeler crashes are way higher for insurance companies; more particularly the insurance company that has the trucker’s insurance policy.

And one thing is as sure as the sun rising every day – the trucking corporation will pull out all the stops to reduce or deny any liability they may have in the accident. After all, they are in business to make money, not put it out to cover lawsuits. Anyone who has the misfortune to try and deal with a trucking company will find out soon enough that stall, delay and deny are three of the favored approaches to dealing with any accident claims.

Any Georgia resident who’s the victim of an 18-wheeler accident will find themselves coping with the trucking outfit’s insurance company and their in-house lawyers and investigators. The whole process is nerve-wracking and hair-raising, as most trucking companies are fairly large and have a lot of resources at their fingertips. This isn’t the only fly in the ointment when it comes to big rig accidents either.

In addition to the laws of the state of Georgia, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations will be factored into the equation, as these rules, etc govern the big rigs and their drivers. This is way too much for any one person to handle and it’s much smarter to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer with a solid background in handling 18-wheeler crashes.
The attorney is trained to handle all aspects of complex cases like this right from the moment he or she starts collecting evidence and tracking down who owns the trucking company and dealing with their attorneys. Never try to deal with a trucking company without the presence of a skilled 18-wheeler attorney, as all victims need to have their rights protected.

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