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Wrongful Death Lawsuits Have A Way Of Being Complicated At Times

No one ever said wrongful death lawsuits were straightforward and uncomplicated. Often, they have more twists and turns than the Grand Prix.

This particular case got a great deal of media attention, not only because of the circumstances of the case itself, but because of how complex the whole affair turned out to be. A 23-year-old man was out having a few drinks with friends one night and ended up being in a fight at the bar. The fight started inside the drinking establishment, prompting the manager to call the police.

When officers showed up, the young man ran away, with three policemen pointing Tasers at him. To avoid being zapped, he jumped into a river. Shortly after that, one of the officers on the banks of the river shot his Taser and hit the young man. Police would not help the man, nor would they let the man’s brother help him. His body was found in the water the next day.

The young man’s parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit and asked for $2 million for the loss of their son and for their emotional and mental distress. The suit named the city police department and three of its officers. After a great deal of back and forth between opposing lawyers, the family received a settlement offer from the city, which stipulated that the settlement was not an admission of guilt, but rather paid to avoid litigation expenses.

The amount of the settlement was not to be disclosed, due to the terms of the deal. However, the local media filed a request for the amount through the Freedom of Information Act. The documents revealed the settlement was for $90,000. You may well be thinking that had this case gone to court, the outcome could have been entirely different, and the city may have been on the hook for a great deal more cash than they finally settled for in this case. And indeed, that may have been the case.

Wrongful death actions have a life of their own and are often about making sure the family left behind have some financial assistance/compensation to move forward with their lives. They have sustained a devastating emotional loss and they should not need to also suffer a hard hit financially. Typically, most actions like this will involve insurance money of some kind, and without the help of an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer, the plaintiffs may not get what they truly deserve in terms of justice or financial compensation.

Only by hiring a skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyer, can plaintiffs who have lost someone they loved in a wrongful death situation, find some peace of mind and closure. It’s a tough thing to do, to file a wrongful death lawsuit, but the lawyer chosen will assist the family through the process until justice is done.

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