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Why Insurance Companies Really Delay Paying on Motorcycle Crash Claims

Ever wonder why the insurance company takes forever and a day to pay up on a motorcycle crash claim? The answer will surprise you.

Anyone who has ever been in a motorcycle accident and who has not hired a skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyer to assist them with their claim will likely have stories about how long it took for the insurance company to settle. There is a reason for that and chances are you will not like what you hear. However, it is the truth and you will understand why it’s a strategic and smart move to get legal counsel.

It’s a no brainer that motorcycle accidents are just about the worst kind of wrecks on the road today, largely because the biker has very little in the way of protection. That usually means some significant injuries. If the claim for those injuries were to be settled the right way, as in the insurance company paying out what the injuries are really worth, this would cost the insurance company a chunk of change.

If the insurance company kept paying out large amounts of money to reflect the true value of many accident claims, including car wrecks, they would either go out of business or raise the premiums so much that nobody could afford them. Since it is a given that insurance companies really like their money, as it lets them stay in business and make a profit, they have to cut corners somewhere.

They cut corners when they can get away with it by trying to get motorcycle accident claims and others reduced or denied, or at the very least try and pay out a minimal sum that won’t cover much. The less they pay out, the more their profits and the higher their bonuses. You’d be right if you said profit comes before people when you’re dealing with an insurance company.

If you do not have a lawyer by your side while you are filing for compensation for a motorcycle accident, watch your back. Without a capable and knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury lawyer, there is no reason for the insurance company to pay you quickly. With an attorney, they often settle much faster, for far more than you would get trying to handle things alone. In addition, the presence of a lawyer may mean them having to go to court. This is not a good thing in their eyes, as that may cost them even more.

Here’s the underbelly of another insurance stalling tactic: The more they delay, the more desperate the claimant becomes. In many instances, a desperate claimant will settle for less money. The second rather infamous tactic is to put words in your mouth about things you said or alluded to in conversations with you on the phone.

Do not think for one minute that they aren’t taking notes. They will use what you say against you when the occasion arises. If they have to deal with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer, you don’t get this doublespeak and actually stand a chance of getting a fair deal and better compensation.

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