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Unusual Defective Products Resulting in Personal Injury

The last thing one would think of causing serious personal injuries is a laptop computer. Nonetheless, a defective product is a defective product, no matter what it happens to be.

Every year thousands of Americans buy products that cause them personal injuries. Every year there are also thousands of product recalls for a variety of glitches ranging from annoying to capable of causing severe harm or death.

The last thing consumers expect when they buy a product is that it will harm them, and the last thing they also expect is that a company they rely on would ever put out a faulty product. “Unfortunately, this happens a great deal with everything from medical devices to baby car seats,” explained Georgia super lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert of Atlanta.

While one gets used to hearing about vehicle recalls, toy recalls, food recalls and drug recalls, one rarely ever hears about a recall for laptop computers. “Apparently the problem was overheating which subsequently caused fires and other various injuries,” said Ozcomert. Hard to imagine that happening with something so seemingly innocuous, however, technology evidently does have bad days as well.

The apparent source of the problem was the rechargeable battery that got too hot, hotter than the normal operating temperature of the machine. “Most of the injuries that resulted from this disturbing development were personal burns, however, there were instances when the computer was left on and no one was using it. The battery overheated and started a fire,” outlined Georgia super lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert of Atlanta.

While there have been more recalls since this was first discovered, the focus of the recall events has been a certain laptop battery used in the computers. The battery in question managed to garner a fair amount of negative press during a Sony major laptop battery recall.

Certainly there are things that may go wrong with any of the equipment we use during the day. “However, the real question in this instance deals with the manufacturer of the defective battery who knew (or should have known) it had the potential to harm people,” added Ozcomert.

Proving that the battery manufacturer did have knowledge of the faulty battery is not always an easy thing to do. It would involve, at the very least, the company having received complaints from other laptop users about the battery, and then doing nothing about it, unless however, they were motivated to do something later.

“Defective product law is challenging to say the least, and often the trail followed to get to the end of the story involving negligence on the part of someone in the chain from manufacturer to retailer is quite interesting. In cases such as this, the smart move is to hire a defective product attorney with an excellent track record in this area,” said Georgia super lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert of Atlanta.

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