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Two DeKalb Police Officers involved in Serious Car Accidents within Two Week Span

An accident late last month sent a police officer and one other individual to the hospital.

The collision occurred in DeKalb County at the intersection of Candler and Glenwood Avenue.

Police reported that they did not know how the accident occurred. It was unclear whether someone had run a red light, or whether they simply were not paying attention.

The end result was the police cruiser T-boning into a white sedan, sending both drivers to the hospital with moderate injuries. An investigation into the cause is ongoing.

Just two weeks after the Glenwood Avenue accident, another DeKalb County police officer died in a car accident while attempting to locate a motorist who fled a traffic stop.

The officer in that case had pulled a driver over for a traffic stop, and then began pursuing the driver when the individual sped off. The officer’s patrol car then ran off of the road and hit a tree at around 2:45 in the morning.

The driver was later arrested and charged with  felony murder, reckless driving and theft by receiving a stolen vehicle.

While the end result of the second case is tragic, unfortunately law enforcement and other first responders often have to speed as a part of their work. This means that they have to put not only themselves but also other motorists on the road at increased risk of collision.

While not necessarily the case here, speed can oftentimes provide the basis for liability in a car accident lawsuit which is based upon negligence. That is because a showing of negligence requires that the plaintiff (i.e., the person bringing the lawsuit) demonstrate that the individual responsible for causing the car accident was driving in a manner that was not in accordance with how a reasonably prudent driver would do so. Additional types of negligent driving may include aggressive driving, failure to observe relevant stop signals, and failure to yield.

Additionally, it is worth noting that even if a driver is arrested, or even convicted, of offenses related to the accident, these criminal claims remain separate from potential liability for civil claims.

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