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Trucker with Medical Condition Passes Out behind the Wheel

Trucking companies are responsible for their drivers. In this case, their driver had a medical condition that caused an accident.

This wasn’t just any old car accident. This was a six vehicle collection of twisted metal and parts, strewn around the intersection where the accident took place. It was ten to eleven in the morning, and it had started out as pretty much a regular day for those involved in this accident, even the trucker who caused the mess.

Evidently, according to eyewitnesses and the initial police report, the trucker passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle while stopped at the intersection. This caused his foot to tamp down on the accelerator, driving into the intersection and hitting five cars, toppling over a tree and shoving a car up against a building. Even though the accident happened at a fairly low rate of speed, there were still injuries requiring trips to the local hospital for treatment.

One can only shudder to think what would have happened had the trucker been speeding, and passed out while entering the busy intersection. The carnage would have been even worse, which leads us to mention that the trucker’s employer is liable for the accident, as well as the trucker. The employer had to have known about the driver’s medical condition, and should have made a decision to not allow him to drive. Since the trucker was driving, and likely with the knowledge of his boss, he too must take responsibility for his negligence in driving with a dangerous medical condition.

It is not enough to figure that nothing would happen because the trucker may have been on medications, or was just recently diagnosed with his condition or thought that he would be okay. It is not enough for the employer to go on the word of a driver with a medical condition that causes him to pass out, that he is fine to drive. It is the responsibility of the trucker, and the employer to be safe, drive safe, and not put a ticking time bomb on the road.

The consequences of this accident could have been much worse, which is cold consolation, given the fact that six vehicles were damaged and several people sustained injuries. Victims involved in accidents like this need to reach out to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer and find out what their rights are, what they need to do about the insurance company hounding them, how to file a lawsuit and what they may expect if they go to settlement or court.

Accidents are not something the average citizen should try handling on their own. There are too many things that may be overlooked in the rush to get compensation. For true justice, done right, stick with an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

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