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The Scoop on Personal Injury Lawsuits

More than any other area of law, personal injury cases tend to be extremely confusing to many. Victims are often not sure what they should do.

“After being in practice for as long as I have, the number one area that I get questions in usually pertains to some very common misconceptions about personal injury law. The top question is usually asking if they need to hire an attorney to settle their case,” commented Stephen Ozcomert, an Atlanta personal injury attorney.

It’s one thing to not really understand the law and how it works; after all the “is” a lawyer’s job. However, not really grasping what personal injury law is about, even in a general manner, may have a significant impact on an individual’s claim and potential settlements. “While it’s true that victims aren’t mandated to hire an attorney, it is generally in their own best interests to do so. Why? Because the attorney is able to outline the type of compensation handed out in other similar cases,” added Ozcomert.

This isn’t the only thing a skilled personal injury attorney will be able to tell their client. “In most instances the victim has no clue what their rights are and what they may be entitled to if they win. They don’t know that sometimes settlements are reached prior to actually going to court, and they definitely don’t understand how the statute of limitations works, and that a case must be filed in a timely manner to avoid losing the right to sue,” Ozcomert said.

Other victims think they have to wait to settle their cases prior to getting any medical treatment. This could not be further from the truth. “Most of the 49 states have laws on the books that make sure victims get medical treatment quickly. No one has to wait to get it until later. The fact is that medical bills, tests, records, a paper trail showing medications, etc. actually builds a stronger case and may allow for greater compensation at trial,” stated Ozcomert.

There is also a myth floating around that anyone injured in an accident is guaranteed compensation for their injuries or loss. This is not always the case either, and a good attorney will spell out precisely what may or may not be possible in terms of compensation or even having a solid case to take to court. “And, speaking of court, the other myth I hear a great deal is that people figure they’re going to have a long court battle in front of them if they don’t accept a settlement prior to trial. While the case may go to court, in reality, most personal injury cases are settled out of court, and the settlements are comparable to what a court may have decided,” said Stephen Ozcomert, an Atlanta personal injury attorney.

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