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Teen Driver Loses Control Of Truck And Kills Two

Many people wonder if teens should be allowed to drive as early as they do in some states. They lack the experience to properly handle a vehicle.

Call this a “hot button issue.” At what age should teens be allowed to drive? There are so many answers out there, it would be hard to discuss them all and cover the reasons why some feel teens need more experience before getting a license to drive a potentially lethal weapon. This case is no exception to that rule and points out that when teens, hormones and inexperience behind the wheel are involved, the results may leave people dead. Those harmed or killed will need the services of a competent Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

Our office read about this case, a horrific wreck between a school bus and a pickup truck that snuffed out two promising young lives. The pickup truck driver was 18 years old. His passenger and girlfriend was only 17. Despite both the driver and front passenger being belted in, their multiple injuries spelled death. The other two passengers in the truck were listed in critical condition when they were taken to hospital by EMS crews.

What happened to cause this wreck? The police report was not completely clear on the cause and they plan to investigate further to find out what made the driver lose control, crossing the median and slamming into a school bus after sheering too close to the rear end of an 18-wheeler. While there is certainly speculation as to why he lost control, a definitive answer was not readily available aside from the fact that the roads were slippery that day.

The prevailing theories mostly involve the use of a cell phone and texting while driving, along with the driver wanting to show off by speeding and driving carelessly in spite of poor road conditions. It is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to think that this type of accident could happen to anyone, but more so to younger individuals lacking experience in handling a vehicle safely.

If you have been in a similar situation, contact an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer for advice on what to do to claim compensation for personal injuries or wrongful death.

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