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Rare Head-On Crash Between Two Motorcycles Kills Two and Injures at Least Four Others

It is not often that two bikers are involved in a head-on collision with each other. It was a clear day and the group of riders headed out the popular, scenic highway to take in the sights. The first group had four riders, all of who were very experienced with bikes and affiliated with a church. The second group of four riders was not so experienced and was also younger too.

Just because the second group of riders was younger and not as experienced does not necessarily mean they lacked good judgment. Unfortunately, however, one rider did not follow the rules of the road and was speeding while heading south on the highway. He lost control of his bike, crossed the median into opposing traffic and hit the lead biker from the church group. Both riders died an unnecessary death, because of the negligence of the biker who was speeding.

Certainly the 19-year-old rider likely thought he could do anything and be just fine, no matter what. Chances are he had never seen a bike accident and had no concept of death. However, he miscalculated on this ride and lost his life because of it. The tragedy is a double one because two lives were lost due to speeding when the young man did not having the skills to handle a bike at such high speeds.

It is highly likely that the man’s wife, who was badly injured but survived the wreck, will want to consult with a personal injury lawyer to find out what her rights are in this situation. If she were to talk to an Atlanta personal injury attorney, she would find out that she likely had a case and could sue the 19-year-old’s estate for compensation for the death of her husband.

She should be able to recover, among other things, compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of companionship, loss of benefits, loss of inheritance, funeral burial expenses and (in some instances) punitive damages. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer will also explain the differences in jurisdictions and awards to the family, as wrongful death laws vary greatly from state to state.

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