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Product Safety Issues Prompt Product Recalls

Generally speaking, products are safety tested before they hit the marketplace. Now and then, something goes wrong.

“While it’s true that most products are safety tested before they are put on the market, there are cases where something goes wrong – either intentionally or unintentionally. When that happens, consumers may be at risk for serious injuries or death. Nowhere is this more critical than when it comes to products for babies and children,” remarked Stephen M. Ozcomert who handles personal injury cases, accidents, and malpractice law in Atlanta, Georgia.

“In many cases of product recalls, you might see the news release saying that there have been no reported injuries at the time of the recall and that the company was voluntarily recalling the product. That ‘may’ happen in rare cases, but frankly, most product recalls are product recalls because someone was hurt, and in reality, a product has to hurt someone before the maker recalls it,” observed Ozcomert.

Lately, there have been a whole lot of products made for children that have been recalled ranging from Hannah Montana toxic cadmium jewelry to wicker trunks with hinges that fall suddenly and strangle children. The world’s a very unsafe place to live and it’s become common place for parents to have to “vet” their children’s toys for safety.

Some things you might want to consider when buying toys for your kids are watching for what it is made with/of such as cadmium, lead paint or bisphenol A. Does it have small moving parts or parts that can break into small enough pieces to become a choking hazard? “Are there a lot of products from the same country that seem to be the focus of recalls? If so, you may want to avoid buying products manufactured in that particular country,” suggested Ozcomert.

Recalls become recalls for a wide variety of reasons and they may include chemical burn risk, a fall hazard, strangulation risk, laceration potential, burn hazards and choking potential, etc. Frankly, these days it just seems like they don’t make toys the way they used to when we were growing up. They seem to be aiming for mass production of a cheap toy that doesn’t last long and is made in a questionable manner. “Gone are the days when your children had a toy for years because it was well made and safe to play with, without it coming apart,” added Ozcomert.

“Has your child been injured by a defective product? Give me a call and I will take a look at your case and explain the issues involved in product liability law,” Ozcomert offered. “You may well be eligible for compensation for doctor’s bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and if your case is more serious and involves the death of your child, compensation for that wrongful death,” he explained.

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