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Nursing Home Abuse, Nursing Malpractice

In the 21st century people are living longer, fuller lives. In some instances, however, seniors or those with other disabilities need to be admitted to the care of a nursing or long-term care home. Statistics are showing that negligence and nursing home abuse is on the rise.

It’s a fact, over 1.6 million people in the US alone are nursing home residents, or patients in a long-term care facility. This is the tip of the iceberg though, as further analysis of the population trends indicate that nearly one quarter of the total US population will, at some point in their lives, need long-term care. This, of course, means an enormous load for the nursing staff dealing with these individuals on a daily basis.

While we’d like to think that our loved ones receive quality care, respect, a healing touch, and the dignity they deserve, this often is not the case. Studies carried out by the federal government have instead highlighted that nursing home care is not what it should be by any stretch of the imagination. Negligence and abuse are on the increase.

The numbers are dismal and show that roughly 30% of all nursing facilities are guilty of some type of nursing home malpractice. and that over 50% of them aren’t helping their patients manage pain. Malpractice covers psychosocial harm and mental and physical abuse. Specifically such abuse may include bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, infections, emotional abuse, medication errors, and inappropriate physical restraint.

The bottom line is that this type of crime has to stop; not just for those on the receiving end of such indignities, but because it is immoral and unethical. Think about this – if it is not stopped now, it may lie in wait for when we need the same kind of nursing care later in life. It is our responsibility, as a member of the world community, to care for our elders, to respect them, help and protect them. We have no reasonable excuses why we should not be there for them when they were there for us as we grew up.

Remember, life is a cycle that is immutable and nursing home abuse should have no part to play in the lives of our seniors. If you feel a loved one is being abused, speak to a personal injury attorney about your options. Do not let abuse or suspected abuse continue.

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