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Murder or Wrongful Death Is The Question In This Tough Case

This is a complex case with interesting twists and turns.

In this tense story of love possibly gone wrong, the police and other family members are suggesting that the woman at the center of their investigation shoved her husband out of a window, where he fell 25 stories to his death. While theories still swirl, the woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the apartment complex where they were living at the time of the alleged crime.

The woman was seven months pregnant at the time of the incident, and insists her husband tripped over something, stumbled wildly and unable to recover from his forward momentum, fell through the living room window. Facts filed in the wrongful death lawsuit point to a window that consisted of single pane glass, which is a flagrant violation of building codes and existing safety standards. Because it was only a single pane, it could be shattered with a minimum of pressure. If someone fell into it head first, with even a modicum of force, it would easily crack and give way.

The plaintiff’s attorney suggests that the thin-paned, unsafe glass had no business being in the frame of a 25th floor living room. If the proper glass had been installed, the woman would not have witnessed her husband fall to his death, and become a widow at such an early age.

In this wrongful death lawsuit, there are several defendants named, including the company that owns and operates the building where the death happened, the owner’s limited partnership company and the real estate company that managed the building. It is alleged that they should have known the window was not safe and that they should have had the proper safety glass installed.

Does the lady stand a chance of winning her lawsuit? It is possible that she could, provided there is sufficient evidence that clearly indicates her husband tripped and was not bodily pushed out the window. There were only two people present at the time he went through the window, and one of them cannot speak for himself, leaving only what other evidence may help make a case for a wrongful death.

Most cases that go to trial face a jury, and it will be the jury’s job to determine fact from fiction. If the plaintiff is able to prove, or create the impression that the husband may have tripped, they may find in her favor. Cases with twists and turns like this one are hard to call.

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