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Motorcyclist Hits Back of Truck in Fatal Accident

In another case of a driver not seeing a motorcyclist, this biker hit the back of a truck. He died shortly after the impact.

In this case a 57-year-old biker was out for a Saturday afternoon ride. About halfway along to his final destination, a teenager driving a pickup truck turned left right in front of the motorcyclist. The biker had no place else to go and couldn’t stop immediately and hit the right rear of the truck.
The force of the impact was so great that the biker was ejected and landed hard on the pavement. When the EMS crews arrived, they pronounced the man dead at the scene. The 18-year-old teen was not injured in this accident.

It isn’t clear why the teen turned right in front of the biker. Although if we had to guess based on the accident statistics involving cars and motorcycles, it would likely have been the fact that the teen driver didn’t even see the biker. Many car drivers don’t see motorcycles for a variety of reasons.
In this particular case, this accident may have happened because the teen just didn’t have the same amount of driving experience an older person would have had and was therefore not paying attention to the road or other traffic. The driver may have been distracted, talking on a cell phone, talking to a passenger, reaching for something in the backseat or picking something up off the floor. He may also have been speeding and driving in an unsafe manner.

On the other hand, the motorcyclist may also have been speeding or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He may also have had a problem with the bike that caused him to lose control because his brakes were not working. He may have slid on debris on the road or swerved to miss a pothole.
Even though some accidents look like open and shut cases on the surface, they usually aren’t. This is why a good motorcycle accident attorney does a complete investigation on his own, even over and above what the police do. The true facts of the case determine liability and negligence and are crucial to know if the case has the chance of going to court.

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, you will need legal representation. You can count on the fact that the insurance company will have a phalanx of lawyers handing out advice. Make sure you have your own lawyer to fight for your rights and proper compensation.

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