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Motorcycle Users Need To Accept The Potential For Serious Injuries

Riding a bike is cool. Dumping that bike, laying it down or losing control means spinal cord and other injuries.

Let’s face it, for those who ride a motorcycle, it is what they want to do and they are not going to stop. It is their choice to do what they want with their lives. Unfortunately, they often don’t have a choice over what happens to their lives if they are involved in a collision. For those that survive, they may have to deal with spinal cord injury; something that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Call it a life-altering event that never gets better.

There is some good news on the horizon for those who do suffer from spinal cord injury as a result of a wreck. It appears that just recently a drug in development to treat Alzheimer’s may be effective in re-growing ends of injured nerves and alleviates pain and paralysis. This latest breaking news may turn the world of ER medicine on its head and be a real boon for bikers.

The drug was actually designed to fight a protein that builds up in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s and the exciting discovery is that it appears to make cut or crushed nerve endings grow back faster. You have to know that would be great for anyone involved in a motorcycle or other vehicular crash, who sustained spinal cord injuries. The drug has a daunting name and is referred to as “b-Site amyloid precursor protein cleaving enzyme 1,” or BACE1.

It is just good science to anticipate that a major potential breakthrough like this one will be hugely important to people with nerve injuries and that could include those with diseases ranging from diabetic neuropathy to motorcycle accidents. The potential is actually quite stunning when you stop to think about it. Modern science is making tracks where no one has gone before and if the results translate from mice to men with as much success, patients needing this type of therapy will benefit greatly.

What typically happens with things such as a spinal cord injury is that the area around the nerves and the tissues disintegrate, before the nerves get a chance to heal. This means it quashes the chances of the nerve being able to re-grow. The faster a nerve regenerates, the better it is for the patient. With some luck, further tests will prove this new drug may have a significant potential for others, in addition to Alzheimer’s patients.

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