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Malpractice Versus Negligence

Malpractice means so many different things to different people, that the term when used in a legal setting really needs to be expanded upon for the sake of clarity.

The most crucial thing is to be able to distinguish between malpractice and other kinds of negligence. “Generally speaking the term malpractice refers to a set of circumstances when a professional (doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant, etc.) fails to use the proper level of skill, diligence or care to perform their professional services. In failing to perform properly, this causes harm to patients or customers,” said Stephen Ozcomert, an Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

In general, a professional may be sued if s/he fails to perform their “professional” duties using the accepted standard of care, level of learning and skill one should reasonably expect from a person in their particular position. “Or to put this in simpler terms, the professional’s performance is held up in comparison to the performance standards of other professionals in the same field. So, if the level of performance is of a lesser standard than others, that person may be accused of malpractice,” added Ozcomert, who practices Atlanta personal injury law.

What a patient or customer needs to do to prove malpractice is show that they suffered an injury, damages or a loss because the person didn’t do their job properly. Malpractice charges may be laid against those practicing in a profession that is licensed or regulated by the state, which would include lawyers, surgeons, dentists and accountants. “There are other categories of professionals that cannot be held liable for malpractice, but may be held accountable for negligence,” outlined Ozcomert.

If someone feels they have been a victim of either malpractice or negligence, contact a highly qualified malpractice attorney and discuss the details of the case. “The lawyer will know the rules and regulations that need to be followed to file a proper malpractice lawsuit against another professional, even if it does happen to be another attorney,” commented Stephen Ozcomert, an Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

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