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Grilling May Be Dangerous to Your Health

Talk about dangerous products, a gas grill of all things, one of the staples of an American summer backyard dinner.

While they might look fairly harmless, all hunched over on the back porch waiting for the steak or corn on the cob, if the gas flame and tank are not handled properly, these gas grills are an accident looking for a place to happen.

Just taking a look at the media coverage for the last year is enough to give one pause for thought about using a gas grill without a pilot’s license. No, seriously, these grills have their pros and their cons, but it’s the cons that may result in an explosion or fire. Handle with care or be prepared to have the unexpected happen.

What may happen, and has happened, is something called external ignition, when due to a manufacturing flaw the gas tank ignites outside. This, while a rare occurrence, happens often enough that consumers need to be aware of the dangers of gas grills. “They also need to be alerted to the fact that there have been many cases of home accidents and explosions due to manufacturing flaws in the gas grill propane tanks,” said Georgia super lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert of Atlanta.

If in doubt about your gas grill, look up the number of gas grill recalls on the Internet;that will be a major eye opener. For instance: 1,170 Jenn-Air Downdraft Gas Cooktops (Maytag) were recalled because the switches were too close to the gas tubing leading to the grill burner. This was a fire hazard. There are many more examples such as this, which is dismaying to say the least.

“The real question is how these defective products made their way to the market in the first place?” added Ozcomert. If someone has been injured due to a gas grill explosion or fire, contact a defective product attorney, such as Georgia super lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert of Atlanta, who will assess the case and ensure justice is done.

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