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Former NBA Player involved in Tragic Car Accident in Suburban Atlanta

Late last month, former NBA player, Mookie Blaylock, was involved in a serious accident in Clayton County, which left him in critical condition, according to police. Authorities reported that he had currently been undergoing treatment for a seizure related condition, but it is not clear whether that played a role in the collision.

Blaylock was reportedly driving northbound in an SUV on Tara Boulevard in Jonesboro, when he crossed the median line and crashed head on into a van carrying two individuals.

According to authorities, a woman in the van died following the injuries she sustained during the crash. The other passenger, a man, suffered a broken ankle and was later released from this hospital. Blaylock was initially airlifted to a hospital, and was put on life support, until being upgraded to critical condition, then serious, and later fair condition prior to his release.

Subsequent reports stated that Blaylock has since been jailed for his role in the accident. He was reportedly charged with vehiclar manslaughter. He had allegedly previously been charged with driving with a suspended license, and failure to stay in his lane.

Blaylock reportedly voluntarily surrendered Monday, and is being held without bond.

Blaylock’s attorney said in a statement that the former NBA player had blacked out before the crash. Authorities are continuing their investigation in order to determine the cause of the crash, and have stated that they do not believe that alcohol was a factor.

The information regarding the criminal charges in this case remain unclear. However, if an individual who has a disorder that causes them to black out at unpredictable times, such as when driving, then does black out while driving, leading to the harm of another, this can potentially create not only criminal liability, but also civil. Driving in a dangerous manner, whether due to an underlying condition, or for other reasons, such as failure to observe the speed limit, are behaviors that could potentially be considered negligent, and thus may give rise to a personal injury lawsuit.

Individuals hurt or killed in car accidents due to another driver’s negligence could potentially pursue a personal injury lawsuit under a negligence or wrongful death cause of action. In either case, recoverable damages include things like pain and suffering, hospital bills, lost wages, loss of companionship, funeral expenses and, in some cases, punitive damages.

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