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Fleeing Suspect Totals a Half Dozen Cars in Northwest Atlanta

A man driving in a northwest Atlanta neighborhood caused massive amounts of damage when he allegedly decided to flee from police, rather than pulling over. 

Sometime around two o’clock in the morning, police officers attempted to stop a motorist who was driving without headlights, but instead of acquiescing, the driver reportedly decided to flee. While officers initially gave chase, they soon called it off due to the incredibly high speeds the suspect was driving, just before he slammed into at least six parked cars, and then crashed into a house. The man attempted to continue to run on foot, but he was caught a few blocks away, and subsequently taken to a local hospital for the treatment of his injuries.

The man was charged with several different crimes, and according to authorities has somewhat of an extensive criminal history. It seems as though the car that the man was driving may have been stolen.

This type of car accident is clearly out of the ordinary in comparison with the typical sorts of auto collisions which cause damage. However, the liability of the driver who caused the damage is no different. Car accident lawsuits are typically filed on the basis of negligence. In other words, proving that an individual was negligent means demonstrating both that they acted in a way which was not in accordance with what the reasonably prudent driver would do, and also that this failure to act reasonably was the direct cause of the harm.

Here, the man’s actions may not only be considered negligent, in failing to observe traffic laws (speeding), failing to obey law enforcement officials (fleeing), and potential other actions, but they may even be considered reckless.

However, because the man was also involved in the commission of a crime, if not several, there may be potential issues related to recovery from insurance carriers. Many auto insurance policies will not cover accidents incurred by the holder of the policy if sustained while committing a crime. This means that if we assume that the man has a separate car insurance policy at all, it would potentially cover the damage caused, but may be held inapplicable due to the nature of the accident.

While the individual cars that were crashed into may be subject to coverage under their owners’s policies, just because the individual who caused the damage does not have insurance does not mean that he is not financially responsible. If you have been involved in a similar sort of auto accident, consult with an attorney in order to discuss you other potential means of holding those individuals who caused you harm responsible.

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