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Defective Air Bag is Declared Nation’s Largest Auto Industry Recall

According to an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Takata Corp. recently declared 34 million air bags defective in what has been described as the nation’s largest auto recall to date. The seriousness of a defective product as it relates to the automobile industry cannot be overstated. Many car accident injuries can be attributed to defective or unsafe automotive parts or products. In this particular instance, it has been reported that the defective air bags have been linked to at least six deaths and more than 100 injuries. A person who sustains injuries in a car accident due to another’s negligence – including the manufacturing and use of defective parts – may be entitled to recover damages for any resulting pain, suffering, and losses. An injured victim is encouraged to reach out to an experienced injury attorney from the local Atlanta area, who can assess yout case to determine your right to compensation.

News reports suggest that the Takata air bag recall has been connected to more than 10 different automakers.  An article in the Associated Press reports that “the chemical that inflates the air bags can explode with too much force, blowing apart a metal inflator and sending shrapnel into the passenger compartment.” According to an official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), “this is probably the most complex consumer safety recall in U.S. history.” There are various ways car owners can find out if their automobile is equipped with this defective part:  by contacting a special hotline provided by the NHTSA, or visiting a website where you can enter your specific vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Officials urge any car owner who receives notice of the recall to address the matter as soon as possible.

Automakers may be liable for damages when a defective part or vehicle causes injuries to a driver or other party.  In fact, manufacturers are strictly liable when they fail to repair the defect or warn consumers of related dangers. Keep in mind that defective auto parts are just one cause of the many preventable car accidents on Atlanta roadways.  Some other serious causes involve driver violations of traffic safety laws, such as speeding, texting and driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and driver fatigue. In many cases, the root cause of a car accident can be attributed to one party’s negligence.  Under Georgia law, drivers are under a duty to exercise ordinary care when operating a motor vehicle.  Failure to exercise such care can cause devastating and life-altering injuries, and liability.

At the very least, innocent victims should be compensated for their pain and losses.  When filing a claim, it is important to know that Georgia law takes into account various types of injuries, not only physical pain and financial distress, but emotional trauma as well. Claimants may be entitled to compensation for items such as medical bills, a replacement car, repairs, lost work income and future lost earnings, pain and suffering, any future surgery or treatment, rehabilitation, and lost relationships.

If you have been injured in a car accident with a negligent party, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.  An experienced injury attorney could carefully assess the circumstances of your case to determine your right to a recovery.  Stephen M. Ozcomert is an injury lawyer with over 20 years of experience handling car accident cases in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Call us today at (404)-370-1000 to schedule a free initial consultation, or you can reach us through our website.

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