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Clipping a Rear Axle on Semi Causes Teen Death

This case could have had another outcome if negligence had been identified. Personal injury cases involving 18-wheelers are extremely complex.

Tangling with an 18-wheeler never has a happy ending. This particular case is even more tragic in that it appeared on the surface to be the result of driver error. Although the investigation is not yet complete, there may be other evidence that surfaces that will change the initial evaluation of the crash.

A young 17-year-old girl was killed when she and her passenger crashed into a 1992 Kenworth tractor-trailer. The young driver was pronounced dead at the scene and the passenger was transported to medical care at the nearest hospital. The truck driver made it out of the crash unscathed. The accident happened just after 11 p.m. at night.

No one is quite sure what happened, and this is where the details of the case – yet to be investigated – may change the outcome of this story. It appears that the young lady pulled out in order to pass the semi, misjudged her distance and speed, and clipped the trailer part of the 18-wheeler. Unfortunately, massive blunt force trauma from the impact caused her instant death.

If the roads were bad due to weather; poor highway maintenance; visibility was impaired due to weather; the tractor-trailer was not properly lit with running lights; the trucker was too close to the median line and didn’t see the other vehicle pulling out to pass and moved over to make a turn; or the rear axle was not properly maintained and a hazard, the determination of any negligence may need to be made later.

Apparently the rear axle of the truck could be seen at the crash site, lying away from the trailer. While it may look like the axle was hit and then separated from the truck, there is just as much likelihood that it may have come off and rolled into the path of the teen’s Ford Explorer. The ultimate point to be made here is that each personal injury case is defined by its individual nature. In other words, no two cases are alike. The details are critically important, and it’s the job of the Atlanta personal injury lawyer to winnow out these details to make a case.

If this case later turns out to involve negligence on the part of the truck driver, the family of the deceased young teen may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The details are of vital importance, as is whether or not there is negligence involved. If you’re not sure what is involved in a case that may affect you or a loved one, speak to a seasoned Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

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