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Claim It, It’s Your Right

Many people choose not to pursue an accident claim. The reasons range from knowing the insurance company will settle; to they don’t want the legal hassles and expense.

The bottom line is that putting in a claim for compensation for personal injuries after an accident is pretty much an accepted right in the U.S. “While it may take some work to get the compensation for damages, it may well be worth it in the long-term, particularly if serious injuries have been sustained and a person’s life has been significantly altered because of it,” commented Stephen Ozcomert, an Atlanta personal injury attorney.

“Keep in mind that even though an insurance company may settle on a claim without anyone having to do too much to get it done, the settlement is generally much lower than it could be if the case were taken to court,” explained Ozcomert. This is why most lawyers will advise their clients not to take the first settlement offer that comes along. Insurance companies want to accomplish one thing, closing the case and spending as little as they can to accomplish it.

Most accident claims do require some work to obtain compensation, but if the injuries are serious enough, the work will be well worth it. The first thing an attorney will need to do is be able to prove that the other person in the accident was the party “at fault.” Use a cell phone at the scene of the accident, if need be, to get clear pictures of the damage. They may come in handy in court.

Remember to get all the information needed from any eyewitnesses, report the accident to the police, and also get a copy of the accident report. Don’t assume there are no serious injuries, as many of them may be silent and not manifest themselves until a later time with drastic consequences. If an ambulance is needed, call one immediately and then contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney.

While the accident may have been partially the fault of both drivers involved, the party laying the claim for compensation may still claim and receive some damages. “The proportion or percentage of negligence in cases where both drivers are at fault is usually determined by the courts using the doctrine of contributory negligence. That may mean compensation won’t be 100%, but instead a proportion thereof,” explained Stephen Ozcomert, an Atlanta personal injury attorney.

There a great many other details that go into mounting a personal injury claim, so ensure the lawyer hired is big on aggressive representation for their clients to obtain justice.

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