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Biker Attempts to Cover Up Crash that Injures Boy

There are some things you just do not do. Trying to hide an accident that injured another person is one of them.

This accident just about takes the cake in terms of the biker’s irresponsibility. A biker, whipping about town on his ride, a blue Suzuki, was doing so while carrying a suspended license and a 13-year-old passenger. He lost control and ran into a fence and a bunch of garbage cans, just a short distance from the young boy’s house. Rather than go for medical help or call police, the biker told the boy to walk home.

After sending the boy on his way, when he was obviously injured and in pain, the man then attempted to remove the bike from the scene of the accident by towing it away with an ATV and hiding it in his garage. His attempts to hide the bike didn’t matter, as someone called the police. The police located the boy and found out he had suffered a lacerated spleen. The biker was a habitual offender known for driving under the influence and was on parole. The 13-year-old ended up in a trauma center, admitted for observation and possible surgery.

The biker was taken to police headquarters and read his rights, and then slapped with at least 13 criminal charges that ranged from endangering the welfare of a child to driving with a suspended license. He ended up in jail. Will the mother of the teen file a personal injury lawsuit? She may well do that, given the nature of what happened and the negligent behavior the man demonstrated after the accident. Her son could have died had he not been taken to the hospital to attend to his injuries.

Motorcycle accidents happen in many ways, and their outcome is just as different as the cause. Where there is negligence involved, and it clearly was in this case, the person who caused the accident and thus directed harm to the victim is held responsible for the victim’s injuries, medical expenses and so on. If you have been in a similar situation and don’t know what to do, call a knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

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