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Big Rig Crushes Smaller Car

When a trucker loses control of his vehicle, the result may be deadly. It was in this case.

No one knew for sure what happened just prior to this accident. The facts are spare: The driver of a large flatbed rig lost control of his vehicle and was ejected from the cab. He died at the scene. What happened after his ejection was horrific.

The driverless truck continued to barrel down the highway before engulfing a white Acura. The smaller car did not stand a chance, as the behemoth truck ended up on top of the car, completely crushing it. The Acura’s driver was dead at the scene; his female passenger made it alive to a local hospital, with undetermined, but serious injuries.

On the face of things, this accident could have happened while the trucker was texting while driving, reaching down to pickup something or was distracted by a laptop or other mobile device. Whether this is the case or not will ultimately be decided as a result of the police investigation into the wreck.

If the accident was not caused by something the trucker was doing, such as texting while driving, but instead was the result of a blown tire, shifted load or mechanical problems, this may mean there was a different kind of negligence present. For instance, if the tire was defective, and its maker knew it had flaws, there may be a defective product or wrongful death lawsuit filed.

If there was a mechanical issue or the load shifted, this may be related to how closely the load was inspected before hitting the road. Improper maintenance would be negligence on the part of the individual doing the inspection, or on the part of the trucker who did not check thoroughly. It may also involve the trucker’s employer for allowing him to haul without the proper safety checks.

Two people died in this bizarre crash. Was it an accident that should not have happened? Most accidents should never happen, but for the negligence, inattention, distraction or inexperience of the drivers involved. It is rare that an accident just happens without an underlying cause.

Should the female passenger in the white Acura survive her injuries, she would have cause to file a personal injury lawsuit against the trucker and his employer. Her suit would be asking the court for compensation to pay for her lost wages, medical expenses, and perhaps money for 24/7 care, if her physical condition after the wreck left her with little expectation of ever having a normal life again.

If you have been in an accident with a big rig, do not try to deal with insurance companies on your own. Make a call to an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Get the facts straight. Know your rights. Your future depends on it.

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