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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Ozcomert Advises Clients to Inspect Recall Lists

When products cause serious harm, it’s time to consult an Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

“No one expects they’re going to go to the store and come home with a defective product, especially one that will harm you. You go to buy something that you trust will do the job. Say, for instance, a chainsaw. You want to take down some trees in your yard. You didn’t expect that the hand guard on the chain saw was so poorly attached that it could come off by accidentally banging it. That product ‘flaw’ just about cost you your hand,” said Stephen M. Ozcomert, who handles personal injury cases, accidents, and malpractice law in Atlanta, Georgia.

Unfortunately, defective products seem to take the lead in the marketplace. Goods made to last a lifetime were replaced by goods made to last for the shortest period of time possible. Thanks to inferior components, cutting corners, altering trustworthy designs and products made with cheap materials, the number of defective product cases in the U.S. is on the rise.

Granted, getting home and finding out a certain product doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do isn’t a big deal; after all, one can go get a refund. But what if the product is something used to seal caulking in the bathroom and the instructions on the spray can don’t mention it should not be used in a closed room?

“You use the product and wind up in ER with severe lung damage, having just squeaked by being dead instead. That product was not properly labeled and you have a right to sue the company for compensation for your injuries,” Ozcomert said.

“Would you want to talk to a lawyer about your accident and who would pay for your hospital bills? No doubt you would and while we’re at it, we would cover what your legal rights are with regard to compensation and what you may expect from manufacturers and defective products,” he said.

The bottom line in most, if not all, product liability cases is that if a manufacturer is providing a service or product to the marketplace and millions of consumers, they must stick to very strict guidelines for safety when making, labeling, selling and distributing their goods/services. If they fail in this task, they might well expect to be sued for compensation for medical bills, etc.

“More often than not, defective products tend to fall in to several categories. Consumers need to be alert and aware when it comes to product hazards and product recalls. Perhaps reading a product recall list is about as exciting as watching paint peel, but it may save a life – yours or someone in your family. Be on the lookout for defective products in the categories of surgical supplies, food contamination, medical equipment, cars, toys and cosmetic enhancements. An alert consumer is a safe one,” Ozcomert said.

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