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Atlanta, Georgia – Deadly Place To Ride Motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous – period. However, some locations are worse than others for wrecks.

It’s depressing to discover that there are roughly 4,800 bikers killed each year and approximately 88,000 injured while riding that live to tell about it. And yet, bikers still hit the road in the hopes that they will not become one of those numbers. They may not. However, the fact is that the number of bikers maimed and killed is completely skewed when considering other traffic accidents.

The fact is that motorcycle riders are five times more likely to end up dead in a bike wreck that those in a passenger vehicle, which makes sense, since the vehicle has more protection going for it. While wearing a helmet does help save lives, it is still not the be-all end-all, or magic bullet to avoid death or serious injury. Riding in certain locations is also something a biker needs to keep in mind. For instance you might want to take extra care or avoid riding your bike in West Palm Beach, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada, New Orleans, Louisiana, Baltimore, Maryland, and Atlanta, Georgia.

West Palm Beach is rife with distracted driver’s ogling the scenery. In 2010, 350 bikers died in wrecks. Las Vegas lays claim to the most disoriented drivers, as a result of the stunningly bright lights and constant stream of traffic in most locations. That state clocks in with ten fatalities per 100,000 registered bikes, making it a risky place for bikers and their rides.

In New Orleans, mopeds and motorcycles vie for road space, along with passenger vehicles. The bikers usually lose out thanks to the extremely heavy traffic. Baltimore weighs in with at least 1,800 motorcycle accidents yearly, largely due to the heavy traffic and weird freeway designs. And Atlanta is distinguished by its not so stellar record of having double the national average of biker wrecks, thanks to extremely heavy traffic congestion.

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